We are Dreamlake

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we specialise in creating virtual worlds. These new and exciting worlds allow companies to showcase their services and products in an immersive way!

Our team

We work with a small but expanding international team from different industry disciplines and backgrounds. This allows us to tackle the most diverse designs rapidly.

For us, technology has no secrets.

Personal touch

Teaming up is key for Dreamlake. There are many new and exiting ways to implement this new upcoming technology. Which one takes your company forward? We are well aware of the chances and risks, together we define the perfect solution.

Virtual Reality has to be of added value to your project. We don’t like gimmicks.

Since 2013...

Creating virtual experiences is what we like to do. We immerse users in an exciting world and have them create memories and experiences in a way that no other media has been able to do before.

We are pretty good at our jobs too. We received innovation awards from the Dutch government for our groundbreaking work in Virtual Reality.

Hans van Vlijmen


Walewein Luchtmeijer


Israël Jamlean

Project lead

Johannes Dijkman

3D Artist

Luis Oliveira

VR Developer

Bart Geers

VR Developer

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Immerse yourself in one of our virtual worlds

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