Reflecting Business in Virtual Reality

We deliver custom and innovative applications to our clients.


Train in virtual environments, as if you are there! We provide virtual simulations, which can be scarce, expensive or even still in development in real life, to enhance and improve the learning experience. These simulations can give your customers or employees a head start when encountering the situation for the first time in the real world. For a driving school we developed the first steps to provide a unique new service to customers. Especially for more complex driving actions, like parking in urban areas or emergency situations, this can provide a unique aid.

Shape, create and interact in virtual environments in a unique and new way! For instance, we make it possible for customers to change a design, floorplan or interior in real time, if needed on basis of their own floorplan. From selecting a new kitchen to refurbishing an apartment, from changing the type of furniture to adjusting materials and textures. Interacting in real time will give your customer a better insight in the overall design and all the possibilities your company and its products have to offer.

Let your future customers experience their new house, neighborhood, office or environment, before it’s even built! For BPD, we developed a complete urban area in virtual reality, where future owners can feel immersed in how their future house and environment will look like. This is also possible for commercial property development, like offices and retail. For instance to show future tenants their new position in shopping areas. It is even possible to experience the visit of your future store through the eyes of your customer!

As a side project when filming for a client in Porto we decided to film some 360 degrees footage of some of the touristic spots. The resulting footage we combined in a 360 degrees movie suitable for the Samsung Gear VR. When Youtube released a 360 functionality later on, we uploaded the movie to Youtube so everyone can enjoy our work. We added a map and text overlays to the 360 movie to give the viewer even more info about the footage he is watching.


Who we are

Dreamlake is a company based in Utrecht which specializes in creating virtual reality content and platforms for business purposes. We have been developing VR technologies and applications since 2013 and received an innovation price from the Dutch Government. Since then we provided many customers from different backgrounds with their own custom made VR experience.


Virtual reality is an excellent tool for 3D visualisation or for use in training and simulating complex situations. Some examples of industries that benefit from virtual reality are: real estate, interior design, product development, marketing, training and education. In regards of training and education, virtual reality enables the user to be immersed in any situation and actively engage with the available content, rather than passively looking at static pictures or video. This leads to a better understanding of the presented content.


We create virtual reality experiences from start to finish. Dreamlake takes care of delivering virtual reality content and the application to play it with. We also developed a framework for livestreaming 360 video. We can develop Virtual Reality experiences for PC or mobile with all current VR devices. We work on a daily basis with the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR and also develop mobile apps for use with Google Cardboard.


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